Balanced Brilliance: Wisdom for Working Moms Workbook

Unlock a Life of Balance, Brilliance, and Well-Being

Are you a working mom in need of harmony in the chaos? Imagine excelling in your career, nurturing your family, and prioritizing your well-being without compromise? This transformative workbook is for you!

What Makes 'Balanced Brilliance' Perfect For You?

  • Tailored for Busy Working Moms

  • Time-Tested Strategies

  • Mindful Practices for Well-Being

  • Goal Setting with Purpose

  • Emotional Well-Being Journal Prompts

What Working Moms Are Saying?


"This workbook has been a game-changer. As a working mom who has to juggle my career and family, this workbook provided practical strategies that are easy to implement. The goal setting section helped me achieve a better work-life-balance." 

-Jasmine, Marketing Manager

"This workbook is a must-have for any mom trying to find harmony in her life. The emotional well-being journal prompts opened up a new level of self awareness for me. Balanced Brilliance goes beyond the typical self help guide- its a comprehensive took that empowers you to embrace you brilliance while managing the chaos of everyday life"

- Sarah, Medical Receptionist

"I'm a mom who is overstimulated and don't have the mental capacity to handle anything more after a long day of work and goals. But I LOVE this workbook, its not just about managing time; its about managing it with purpose. I gained insight from the self assessment tools which were eye opening and helped me redefine success on my terms."

-Emily, Entrepreneur

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